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Creationism Class

The staff at Weekly Review has finally gotten around to getting some of our old videos online for all to enjoy. Most of these are from the live theater version of Weekly Review, performed at Caroline’s on Broadway.

Creationism is on the rise in our local schools. Again. A book by Larry Booher called “Creation Battles Evolution” has been published in North Carolina, and some think it should be used as a science textbook. Kansas and Pennsylvania school boards are trying to force “Intelligent Design” into school’s curriculum, even though the Supreme Court has been very clear that public schools cannot teach Creationism.

Recently, the National Science Teacher’s Association has called Intelligent Design a “pseudo science”, and remarked that it has no place in the classroom. They also pointed out that they were stunned and disappointed that President Bush (clearly a scholar in his own right) endorses the teaching of Intelligent Design, which brings Biblical Creationism into American science classrooms. It does make one wonder; would the proponents of Intelligent Design (or Creationism or whatever the Religious Right wants to brand it this week) also vociferously fight for Greek Mythology to be taught in science classrooms? What about Buddhism? After all, there are plenty of creation stories out there, so why not bring them all into public schools and label them ‘science’?

We all know that fundamentalist Christians are trying to make sure that kids don’t get sent astray by evil scientists and their ‘theories’ about evolution. So, to make sure the ‘science’ of Creationism (Earth is 6,000 years old; God made everything in six 24-hour long days) gets a fair shake alongside Evolution (Earth is billions of years old; primordial soup formed the first single-cell organisms that became monkeys, then people) we’ve decided to go inside a Pennsylvania classroom to look at a Creationism Class in action.