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Palin…. sings?!

After watching Palin’s interviews, stump speeches, and her appearance on Saturday Night Live (‘appearance’ being the operative word – she literally sat there and watched Amy Poehler rap about shooting a moose and associating Obama with Bill Ayers), there was this gnawing thought in the back of my mind that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

The VP candidate has this mysterious, unknown quality about her, and yet… and yet she has this, I dunno – homey, folksy, down-to-earth-yet-completely-divorced-from-reality quality about her. It reminds me of something I saw a while ago.

It was a story about this fish-out-of-water, completely oblivious woman whose fantasy world is completely detached from the way things really are… she had this superbly naive, idealistic view of things no matter how difficult or complicated things were… Oh, I remember now!

Above: Sarah Palin was the not-too-well-known inspiration for Giselle’s character.

The similarities are endless. Take, for example, Palin’s uncontrollable facial reaction to Charles Gibson’s question about the Bush Doctrine and compare it with Giselle entering New York for the first time via magical subterranean teleportation:

Bush Doctrine? Is that a girly disease?

Now, I could go on ad nauseum about Palins’ debate style, her Forrest Gump approach to interviews, even her fundamentally flawed perspective on global warming and reproductive rights. But, in the spirit of Palin’s aw-shucks-ma’am sticktoitiveness, I’ve decided to forego all of that and just write a parody in her honor. After all, it seems that Mrs. Palin would much prefer to skip all the talkin’ and get down to some gosh-darned rootin’ tootin’ fun!

So here it is. This one’s for you, Sarah! God bless you and all of your unwitting, parody-inspiring comedy.

Editor’s note – Brianne Roenbeck provided the lovely vocals for Sarah Palin. More of her can be seen here.


Dubya and the Munitions Factory

The staff at Weekly Review has finally gotten around to getting some of our old videos online for all to enjoy. Most of these are from the live theater version of Weekly Review, performed at Caroline’s on Broadway.

What happens when you mix Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Dubya and the international fight to secure nuclear weapon capabilities? You get this:


Note to Dems: WAKE UP!

Democratic party, it’s time we had a little chat.

A couple of years ago, when the streets of Baghdad were running with soldier’s blood and the city of New Orleans was flooded, you decided to focus on a very important subject: video games. Yeah – when there were (and still are) lives to be saved, you decided that Grand Theft Auto was a much more important subject to speak out about. Thanks, Hilary and Joe. Lord knows what we’d do without you.

Fast forward a couple of years – we’re still in Iraq with no end in sight, and people who got flooded out of their homes during Hurricane Katrina are squatting in shitty FEMA trailers that aren’t safe for humans. Oh, and the economy is crumbling.

For God’s sake – you took back the House and Senate in ’06 because Americans are tired of this war, tired of mismanagement of their government, and sick as shit of this current administration and it’s crony-run departments.

What have you done since you took back the majority? Let’s see – well, you backed down on almost every important piece of legislation, like Stem Cell Research, the S-CHIP program which provides healthcare to kids, and basically bent over and let the minority tell you what they would LET you pass without filibustering it.

Now, Weekly Review tries to be fair. Yes, the first 100 days of your new Congress produced a lot of results. And John Conyers is using that newly-acquired gavel and subponea power of his to have some much-needed oversight hearings. But you’re not even close to where you need to be, and the public is on your side. We don’t want this war to carry on, we want our kids to get health insurance, and we WANT the next President to be about 1,000 times smarter and more diplomatic than the current one (which shouldn’t be hard, since a bag of nails is technically already ahead of that curve).

So, for all you progressives out there who wish their civil servants would pick up the ball and run with it, we present this Democratic rallying song, sung by some angry hippies.

Of course, if you’re a progressive who doesn’t smoke pot, and is more into Metallica than the Grateful Dead, we’ve got a song for you, too!

We’re a big tent party here in Democratic-ville, so we try to please all who belong. Enjoy, you hippies and/or metalheads.


Do you have E.D.?

Do you ever get that not-so-electable feeling? Starting to think that maybe your rhetoric on the campaign trail is just a lot of hot air? Do you start feeling a strong conviction about pulling our troops out of Iraq the moment you’re elected, only fearing that, deep down, you won’t be able to deliver on your promises made during election season? You may be suffering from what doctors are calling Electoral Dysfunction.

But worry no longer, folks! Your prayers have been answered. From the makers of “Spreadable Freedom” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Torture!” comes a new product:


Stolen from a top secret formula produced in Conservative think tanks, Liagra has been carefully tested to ensure that you follow through on any and all promises you make while campaigning for that coveted Presidential Office.

No longer will you make boorish speeches, be caught flat-footed in a debate, or seem to waffle and waver on tricky issues that require a silver tongue and razor-sharp wit to navigate. The public will love you, and you’ll be more electable than ever before!

Supplies are limited, so call now!