This is Racist America

Look out, everyone! A Black Muslim from some mystical foreign land is trying to run for President, and once elected, will turn the US over to terrorists!

The talking heads on TV, of course, will never say the above sentence out loud, but with all of the rhetoric flying around, it’s not hard to figure out what’s going on in their heads. The best example is the people who pose the question: “Is America ready for a Black President?”, and completely miss the irony bus when they ask within two minutes “Is Barack Obama black enough?”(Editor’s note: according to the films “The Fifth Element” and “Idiocracy”, a black President would KICK ASS!)
Fortunately, Barack Obama delivered an amazing speech recently dealing squarely with race relations in America. Unfortunately, the ripples he may have created in the public arena by unflinchingly challenging this subject have not yet reached most of the pundits in Television Land.

Take, for example, our Republican friends who challenge Obama’s patriotism with the notion that his decision to not wear the American flag on his lapel somehow means he’s really rooting for the ‘bad guys’. We kid you not. Here is a fine example of all of the Republican ‘patriots’ who always have their precious little flag pins on. Even when being photographed for their mug shots. Seriously.

Then you’ve got Hilary’s camp just doing the completely wrong thing with Geraldine Ferraro, who claims that Barack, like Jesse Jackson, got to where he is because of his color. We’d spend more time trying to make sense of this, but we’ve got shit to do.

Last but not least, fresh off the short bus is Congressman Steve King from Iowa floating the idea on national television that somehow terrorists will rejoice if Obama takes the White House. Yes, the same Steve King who compared immigrants to cattle, and pulled straight from his ass a ‘statistic’ that says immigrants murder 12 American citizens every day.

No WONDER this country is fucked up. We’ve got people sitting in elected offices who still can’t see past the color of people’s skin, and use that ignorance to write laws that everyone needs to follow.

Well, enough with the intro. We wrote a song about it. Welcome to Racist America!

Edit: after ‘Racist America’ was posted, Chris Matthews added yet another notch in the “let’s go back to the pre-civil rights era” belt. Chris, seriously…. what the hell, man?


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