Do you have E.D.?

Do you ever get that not-so-electable feeling? Starting to think that maybe your rhetoric on the campaign trail is just a lot of hot air? Do you start feeling a strong conviction about pulling our troops out of Iraq the moment you’re elected, only fearing that, deep down, you won’t be able to deliver on your promises made during election season? You may be suffering from what doctors are calling Electoral Dysfunction.

But worry no longer, folks! Your prayers have been answered. From the makers of “Spreadable Freedom” and “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Torture!” comes a new product:


Stolen from a top secret formula produced in Conservative think tanks, Liagra has been carefully tested to ensure that you follow through on any and all promises you make while campaigning for that coveted Presidential Office.

No longer will you make boorish speeches, be caught flat-footed in a debate, or seem to waffle and waver on tricky issues that require a silver tongue and razor-sharp wit to navigate. The public will love you, and you’ll be more electable than ever before!

Supplies are limited, so call now!


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